Manage NSX-T Password

31-Dec-2019 Ending year 2019 with a useful post to manage NSX-T passwords. We have root, admin and audit users in NSX-T. We mainly use root and admin users but these passwords by default expire in 90 days. Change password expiration days Many times we want to change the current password, for that use below method:… Continue reading Manage NSX-T Password

VeloCloud SD-WAN Insertion Options and Routing Challenges

Date: 16-Dec 2019 A VeloCloud solution involves a Dell server which acts as VeloCloud VCE and is deployed at each branch and data center. There are various design options to insert the VCE in existing setup. Figure below demonstrates a network topology with the VCE inserted in various setups. Note that in several of these… Continue reading VeloCloud SD-WAN Insertion Options and Routing Challenges

Kubernetes and VMware NSX

Updated - 30th October 2019 In this blog I will show some feature of NSX-T integration with Kubernetes. In NSX-T several constructs are automatically created to support Kubernetes cluster. Before I deep dive, let look at the lab topology. The Kubernetes environment of this lab is located behind a NSX Tier-0 (provider) virtual router.  Review… Continue reading Kubernetes and VMware NSX

VMware NSX-T in brief – 5 minutes

This blog very briefly provides a highlight of NSX-T Components. For detailed understanding of NSX-T components, refer to my NSX-T blog. Control Plane Computes runtime state based on configuration from the management plane. Control plane disseminates topology information reported by the data plane elements, and pushes stateless configuration to forwarding engines. Data Plane Performs… Continue reading VMware NSX-T in brief – 5 minutes

VMware NSX-T in detail

VMware NSX-T is designed to address emerging application frameworks and architectures that have heterogeneous endpoints and technology stacks. In addition to vSphere, these environments may also include other hypervisors (KVM), containers, and public clouds. NSX-T allows IT and development teams to choose the technologies best suited for their particular applications. NSX-T is also designed for… Continue reading VMware NSX-T in detail


For Velocloud Installation details, I will be posting another link very soon. After the success of software defined data centers, the next upcoming wave is software defined WAN. The high MPLS circuit rates and with internet getting cheaper and cheaper, SD-WAN technology is going to blow the WAN industry. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is… Continue reading VMware SD-WAN